Should NFL Referees be Investigated for Blown Calls?

Posted: September 17, 2008 by Michael Luchies in Uncategorized
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Poor poor Ed Hochuli.  Yes it was an absolutely terrible call, and it cost the San Diego Chargers the game, but should he be downgraded, or investigated for the call?  In the heat of big plays throughout history, many umpires, referees etc. have made terrible calls.  Are they all Tim Donaghy’s?  That’s doubtful.  The bad calls are just that, bad calls.  In the NBA’s case there is a mich more severe problem then just bad calls.  Yes the NFL does have cases of cheating (belicheat) and has issues with player behavior, but the NFL seems to have the best group of officials that money can buy.  What do you think?

  1. ChicagoSal says:

    I think Hochuli just blew the call but I don’t think there was any malice. He certainly paid for his mistake. He was downgraded so there will be no Super Bowl for him. Donaghy was dirty, Hochuli just made a huge mistake.

    • Dan says:

      All flags are game changing events, therefore all flags should be reviewd and verified before enforcement of a penatly. The reviews should be made transparent to the the fans who entrust the Refs to billions of dollars of risk.

      More refs should be placed in the off field infestructure of the game to watch specific positions for infractons.

      Extra points attempts should be forfiet if the gaining team commits a penatly during and attempt.

    • I will not hear of any excuses.These referees are not fit to officiate pop warner ball.Its all mob controlled madness.

  2. Joe says:

    I feel the NFL refs are way out of hand. Some games they call no penalties and other games they call a boatload. What are the reasons for that? Simple they are cheating. There is no way to fix it. It is a crooked organization. Why is Goodell sitting back and letting the officials on the field decide the games. Players should decide the outcome of the games, not the officials. My answer is Goodell is involved in the cheating. The whole NFL organization should be investigated. I will not be renewing my season tickets this year. This makes the NFL look terrible.

  3. youngblood62 says:

    Instead of suspending players, maybe they should start suspending the referees who are obviously changing the outcomes of games. I agree with the previous poster, everyone in the organization needs to be investigated. Even my wife is noticing the horrible job the refs are doing.

  4. youngblood62 says:

    Does the NFL organization or Roger Goodell have any “family” ties to New York or Chicago? Just curious. He going to clean up the league, aren’t the referees a part of the league? Or, is this the way Goodell is “cleaning” up, by raking it in?

  5. Cris says:

    Well my husband and I watched the majority of the games on TV yesterday. The Giants game was ridden with penalties until I watched the Steelers game. Forget it! The refs were too much yesterday! Every minute there was a penalty for something. I thought it was the worst officated game (including MLB, NFL, and NBA) I had ever seen. The penalties called throughout the game, many wrong and unecesary! They need to susupend refs when they make bad calls!

  6. jason says:

    If you watched the last play of the super bowl, it is obvious that it was rigged. How does the rule change when your arm is going forward become a fumble, or when there were 3 block in the backs missed when harrison ran back the interception. My point is that rooney was a bookie and is corupt like goodell and tagliabu. Thats why a team like *hitsburgh has been so good over the years because of a crooked owner. Lets see how good they are when the crook sells them. It’s sad to see Arizona get screwed. Also research Mccauley and see all of the blown calls he has made over the years. A big one was in Cleveland when the fans threw bottles onto the field.

  7. mont1979 says:

    I believe that there is ample visual evidence to suggest that NFL Referees are biased towards or against certain teams. Whether they are or not is irrelevant at this point, appearance is what matters.

    Here are my suggestions concerning the situation.
    1. Fine officials for bad calls.
    2. Make penalties reviewable (along with this, allow more coaches challenges.)
    3. An independent investigation into the possibility of prejudice or outright cheating by officials or teams.
    4. Have an official monitor the game from above and be able to call penalties that the field officials miss, as well as override field officials calls.

    These are only a few suggestions because if something isn’t done the NFL stands to lose a lot of fans who enjoy true sport, including this one. But maybe that doesn’t bother you, after all, the WWE has plenty of fans so fixed athletics still have a market I guess.

  8. Paul W says:

    I’ve been an NFL fan for years, and it is always sad when the officials get in the way of any game. much less the Super Bowl. how many bad calls do we have to tollerate until something is done. those referees on the SB field were so blatantly throwing the game into the steelers lap that it was sickening. how much money did rooney pay the officials?

    it should have been the officials hoisting up that trophy at the end; or at least it should have been the officials handing the trophy off to the steelers.

    that was so corrupt and shameless that i can’t believe any steeler player could honestly hold there head up at all.

    when is the NFL going to get off their butt and do something about this. can you say “olympic ice, in salt lake?”

    i really felt sad for the Cardinals. they worked so hard and overcame so much; and they truly were the best team out there on the field in Tampa. not only did they strip the britches off of the steelers but also they had to overcome the referees.

    go back and watch the game. there was more than one block in the back on that interception at half time. why was that not called?

    how do you call a fumble when it is clearly a forward pass? of course, what an opportunity for a “paid off” official to call the game for the steelers with only 5 seconds. “here, quick, take possesion, take a knee, and end the game now.” what garbage!!!

    where do they get these clown refs anyway, from pro wrestling? at least their wearing the right colors, a black and white pin stipe suit; but they belong in jail.

    i’m done with the nfl.

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  11. bob says:

    why are these biased people still allowed to officiate games, one look says they are on the take. Watching the Lions Vikings game they are doing the best job they can to give one to Detroit. Where is the old Vikings whiskey bottle, its needed again

    • Mike says:

      I can so see the Officials leading the way for Farve to get into the Superbowl… The same way they made sure that Bettis got his ring before he retired. Totally wrong, but that is the way of the NFL today.

  12. Mike says:

    I have been a fan of the NFL for years, but no longer. I am so tired of the officials deciding the outcome of games that I have decided to start spending my Sunday’s doing something constructive or at least doing anything but watch the crap they are calling football. The Chicago vs. Seattle game on Sunday was a prime example. Media hype follows Chicago, then so do the Refs. Go back to Superbowl XL, that was one of the most rediculous games ever. Don’t know how much the NFL pays the Refs, but I am sure that the Steelers paid them more!! Oh well enough said, one less NFL fan to worry about!!!!!!!

  13. deb zubrowski says:

    I can truly say that the nfl officials are the worst I
    have ever seen. The game between the Ravens and New England Patriots was so bought by the New England Belecheat. I personally blame Goodell he should be reading our blogs and checking the replays so he can see for himself what is going on. He is suppose to be the best in his field well lets see what he thinks after this week. If he does not see what I see than I will back down but the calls were ridiculous. I am a
    Ravens fan but I am very fair when it comes to our games.If we deserve a penalty I will be first to give it
    to them but this week was out of control and me as a great fan of football would like to call Goodell out and make him tell the Officials to call the games clean.

  14. Nicole says:

    I agree with the above poster what a botched game by the refs of the NFL. They get paid too much money to make obvious wrong calls. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is for the players to play their hearts out only to be beaten by the refs on any given Sunday. The whole reason this problem isnt being fixed is because it isnt being recognized, no one is allowed to call them out when they screw up…not the coaches and not the players. Maybe if coaches/players were allowed to call them out on National Television they will get the idea and think twice next time they intentionally make bad calls. Another option is fining them as other posters have suggested. Why should they stop deciding the outcomes of the game….they have all the power and are not repremanded for screwing up. This problem has went on for so long I dont think it will ever be fixed but the first thing that needs to happen is the NFL needs to admit they have a problem instead of ignoring it week in and week out. It’s not fair to the fans, the coaches, and especially not fair to the players.

  15. Jerry says:

    Anyone remember the Chargers/Steelers game last year where a last minute fumble return for a touchdown was, based on no discernible rule, called back?

    That little play made the gambling industry a cool $70 MILLION profit. Where is the investigation?

  16. brad mcintire says:

    Vikings at Steelers.. vikings score a touchdown pass.. called back because of “tripping”? No tripping occured. Even the announcers couldn’t believe the call! What a joke! College refs are being suspended and so should the NFL refs. This is getting out of hand. Losing respect for the NFL

  17. SteveJ says:

    For the referees to be so obviously favoring one team over the other can only be happening at the direction of the league. As they are the most popular sport on television, I am sure they are unconcerned that they are ruining the game for the sake of bigger and bigger bucks. Welcome to the WWFL, football purist…too bad!

    I am (was) forced to buy the football package in order to see the games….I will not be wasting that time or money in the futeure, despite being an avid football fan for 46 years.

  18. Jason 'Great White' (Shark: Beings Rights Person) Nall says:

    Simple, answer is yes.

    I think that sports refereeing are not up to par, no matter the level. All these Sports organizations, I know are purposely not improving or holding their referees responsible enough for making bad calls or not calling penalties, when the fans can see it for themselves, while watching on TV. I refer you to Univ. of Miami Hurricanes losing The ‘2002 BS Championship Game, on a 4th-Down Pass Interference Penalty, on OSU’s Last Drive, from the referee farthest away from the where the mythical penalty took place and took him almost 2-minutes for him to call the penalty. When the TV cameras (from many angles) showed The DB (who it was called on), the DB never committed any penalty, let alone he never touched The OSU’s WR. Oh, by the way the referee that called the play could not be over-ruled, by any other on-field referee, because he was The Head Referee. Then weeks after the game it was found out he is a referee that was punished for making many Bad calls 9some even deciding games) in the conference he refereed in. This was the referee that was made Head Referee of The BS National Championship Game!!
    Another game, Univ. of Miami Hurricanes was cheated out of was the year (I cannot remember which) was Norte Dame (another CFB Div. 1A darling and money maker) playing at home, against Univ. of Miami. Well, any ways, Univ. of Miami’s RB Cleveland Gary just push his way into The End Zone, his knee is about to hit the ground of The End Zone he was so far into The End Zone, when the ball pops out and Norte Dame defense claims they have the ball. It gave Univ. of Miami at least a 6-point lead, with not enough time for Univ. of Norte Dame to score a TD. Yap that is right, the referees decided it was a fumble. Now, any FootBall Fan, at any level, knows if any measure of the ball crosses above The End Zone’s Goal Line it is a TD and the ball is automatically dead.
    I hear it now, all those people, with financial connections to The NFL’s owners; Game Announcers, Sports Shows’ Hosts, Head of The NFL/NBA/MLB/NCAA/High School/ETC Referees and etc, making BS excuses that The NFL Referees are watching it at the stadium, one-chance to view and in real time the plays, without the views from any possible angle and in slowed motion. The problem with that is also all professional sports (sorry, WWF and the rest of entertainment/wrestling) and most lower level sports have instant replay process and yet far too many calls are still not decided properly! Oh, yes when their arguments are destroyed through logical reasoning, they will head to the stupid argument that I am just a biased Univ. of Miami Hurricanes Fan that has colored his view of those examples. My response is keep reading.
    This year’s LSU & Univ. of Alabama game, late in the 4th-Quarter (I think Second to last drive for Univ. of Alabama), a LSU DB catch, controlled and the ball was not moving, the Univ. of Alabama’s pass, then dragged his left foot, while his right foot was on the field of play, then tapped his left foot, right foot had not moved, before he step out of bounds. He was ruled out of bounds, because he did not have his left foot inbounds, LSU’s Head Coach challenged it and yet, The Instant Replay Referee agreed with the on-field Referee. On top of that, Univ. of Alabama was up by only less than 5-ponts and the really Intercepted Pass was inside Univ. of Alabama’s 45-yard line. By the way, LSU lost by 9-points and now, Univ. of Alabama is heavily favored to win this year’s BS National Championship!
    Again, I hear it now, all those people, with financial connections to The NFL’s owners; Game Announcers, Sports Shows’ Hosts, Head of The NFL/NBA/MLB/NCAA/High School/ETC Referees and etc, making BS excuses that The NFL Referees are perfect and that we expect to high of a standard for humans. WHAT! I am not asking them to be perfect, I am simply asking them to referee according to their responsibilities and for The Sports Organizations to only use Referees that can do so. They are the cops and enforcers of Sports’ Fairness and Rules! Also, I have been a College Referee and Sports Host, so I understand the demands of refereeing and media professions and neither has any excuse for such stupid arguements.

    Someone should create a blog here asking our opinions on The Sports Organizations’ rules and if they are there simply to make The Sports Organizations more money, by having and encouraging* dangerous hits, crazy offensive scoring and forever making past decades of offensive record holders no longer comparable.

    *- They claim the are worried about health issues from dangerous hits, like concussions; however, they just changed the rule that did not allow defenders to hit the WRs out of bounds, when the WRs are trying touch their body inbounds; thus make them catches.

  19. wally says:

    Even thought SD chargers lost the Refs were trying their best to make them win..They set a new standard to fumbles.(the lenght to time a player’s feet has to remain on the ground.

  20. edward says:

    The Oakland Raiders have seen refs go into the rule book three times since 2002 to take games away from them. No pro sports team in world history has ever had more than two games stopped so the refs can check the rule book to see if a call was correct. The calls weren’t correct in the raiders cases and they were robbed of over 11 games since ’02.

  21. christi says:

    All I have to say is if we made those kinds of mistakes at our jobs….we would be fired!
    It’s just not right. Until we as fans get tired of it, it will continue to go on! I sometimes wonder what are they looking at? NO MORE!!!!!

  22. dave says:

    obviously our comments mean nothing. bad calls are rampant in the nfl and as long as they keep making money it will continue! take the chiefs game for example. andre johnson clearly pushed brandon flowers and the zebras called flowers for interference! anyone with 20/100 vision could see johnson pushed! on the t.v. the commentators said “thats andre johnson, the best reciever in the league. they won’t throw that flag on him.” sounds corrupt to me! until coaches can challenge all refs calls, this league that i have almost worshiped for 25 years will continue to lose fans like me!

  23. deborah gilliam says:

    Just finished watching the game between the titans and houston. any one with any knowledge of football could see that the refs threw that game. it seems every weekend the coruption of nfl officiating gets worse. It all comes down to money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it NFL corporate coruption or are the refs either being paid off or are they acutually playing the point spread their bookies. I would think that if its individual refs doing this, they would be sniffed out and dealt with. So that only leaves the NFL BIG DOGS. I have come to a point that its not fun anymore, because you can tell in the 1st quarter which team is getting the help from the refs. Will it ever get back to the basic love for the game and letting the athletes win or lose the game.

    Also the Rules are changed periodically to protect the players from serious injury, but why is it for only the teams the refs want to use it on. Today for instance, Andre Johnson actually pulled Finnagin’s helmet off and started beating him with closed fists. I did not see Finnagin throw one punch, but was ijected from the game with Johnson. If it had been in a situation for i.e., (Hanesworth’s taking off a players helmut a couple season’s back and kicking him in the head, that player was not ijected from the game). He was fined and suspended for 4 games that year. My point here is that these referees and the commishner have to much power and THAT IS WHY I DON’T WANT TO BE PART OF THE BULL**** THAT IS, THE NFL.

  24. Levi Zimmerly says:

    I just finished watching the raven vs steelers game and couldn’t believe how Ray Lewis get away with helmet to helmet hits without a flag or the ravens o-line for blatant holding calls but the refs are quick to through the flag on the steelers for even blinking. There needs to be a system to where the refs are at a minimum given lie detector tests or something after the game. Asking them if they knowing called a penalty that knew would favor the one team more than the other and if they already had pre determined who they wanted to win. I’m currently looking into a possible lawsuit against the refs and the bad calls and showing favoritism for one team or player compared to the other at the games they ref at.

  25. Trevor says:

    After watching the way the refs called the Lions and Green Bay game yesterday I feel like it has to be cheating! The refs gave the packers 2 extra possessions(the first was a fumble when the lions running back was clearly down and on his back before the ball came out and although reviewed they still gave the ball to the pack. Second was clearly a muffed punt that was recovered by the lions and then called a fair catch for the pack). They then called a lions touchdown incomplete and didn’t review it. These are only the major cheats. There were several other calls though out the game that made it clear that the refs would win the game for the pack at any cost. I personally am not a fan of either of these teams but I am aw struck at the blatant cheating that went on by the referees. But what can we as spectators do besides boycott?

  26. Chaz says:

    Wow referees stop calling holing to give Payton 2 of the 3 touchdowns. Knew he would be allowed to win but wow

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